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You've applied. What now?

By: Shannon,

about 3 years

Congratulations on sending in your application! Give yourself a pat on the back.

It may be difficult to not constantly refresh your email waiting for a response from us, but it’s best to find a distraction. We do get an influx of applications when a specific job is posted, so it may take a couple days for your application to be processed before we can get back to you.

You do not need to call us immediately to make sure that we received your application - we assure you, we have it, unless you have reason to believe otherwise. If it’s going on a week and you haven’t heard back, there’s a chance it may not have been delivered, and it’s fair game then to check in with a phone call at (734)-274-2659.

Your application could go one of several ways:

  1. You’re called in for an interview. Congratulations!
  2. If you’re called in for an interview, respond with a few days/times that will work best for you to come in for a meeting. Once you’ve done that, you’ll receive a confirmation email with an application to bring with you to the meeting.

  3. Your application is placed on hold.
  4. If your application is placed on hold, this means that although we cannot offer you a position or an interview at the moment, this doesn’t mean that we aren’t interested in you. It may be the case that we are not hiring at the moment or that we are not currently hiring for a position that you indicated you were interested in. Or it may be the case that the position has already been filled by the time you sent in your application. If any of these is the case, we’ll let you know that we would love to hang on to your application and reach out to you when an opportunity does arise.

  5. Your application is not moved forward in the interview process.
  6. Finally, if your application is not moved forward in the interview process, you will receive an email response from us letting you know. The hiring process is often competitive, and unfortunately we are not able to give everyone who applies a chance at the interview process. If your application is not moved forward, you shouldn’t give up hope! There’s nothing stopping you from building your resume with more experience and applying again at a future time. However, if you are not offered a position, you should not respond back with a cheeky email. Though the rejection may sting, it’s best to keep the potentially harsh feelings to yourself and not burn any bridges.

So, wait patiently as we review your application, and keep your fingers crossed for good news! If you put the time into building your resume, crafting an application email, and proofreading, there’s a good chance your application will be moved to the next step: the interview!

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