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We’ve Got Some Awesome Customers!

By: Jerry,

over 9 years

We received this e-mail from a customer last week, and it’s good enough that we want to share it!

Good Evening Reader of my email… Per the “About The Company” section of your website, I am using this email address, hoping my words find the right people. I want to begin by saying thank you. I do not want this to be the ordinary “Thanks for the great shirts” email, (though I must say they are pretty great) but I want to thank you for being a friendly, accessible business. I am all too familiar with corporate America and it’s nice to walk into an establishment and know the people actually want to help you. I had spoken with Ricky on the phone and he helped me lock down a few ideas. When I told him the reservations I had, he told me to just come in and he’d go over things with me. When I did come in…he was just as attentive and helpful as he was over the phone though there were other customers waiting to see him. Once I was able to decide the best direction to go in, he had me sit with Michael to finalize my ideas. Michael was great! He worked fast and efficiently; but never overlooked my opinion. He gave me the reassurance that it was ok to have a preference. Once we had chosen the design…he actually offered to print the shirts that we need for tomorrow…right there and then. I must say, I was taken back at how amazing of an experience your company has given me. I am a pretty big deal around these parts (ok, not really) but I can promise you that anyone who even mentions needing some sort of printing/t-shirt needs… I’m sending them your way!!! This quote made me think of you… “There are no traffic jams along the extra mile.” Thank you for everything and I’m sure you’ll be hearing from me again!

Thank you for the wonderful compliments Katie, we look forward to working with you again!

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