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We’re Kind of a Big Deal: Printing for the Movie JINN

By: Jerry,

almost 9 years

About a year ago, we were approached by Ben Dresser of Exxodus Pictures to print some promotional shirts and tanks for an event debuting the Firebreather, a tricked out muscle car specially built by Classic Design Concepts in Novi for the upcoming movie Jinn.

We were thrilled to be a part of it, particularly after seeing pictures of the girls donning the tank tops, and our relationship with Exxodus and Jinn grew from there. We’ve filled several promotional / crew shirt* orders for them in the year since, and we are always keen to hear how the filming is coming (at our last visit, Ben had spent the night before roped in as a last minute stunt double, stand in a road at 2am while a professional driver drifted in a six foot circle around him)

Best of luck to Ben and everyone at Exxodus as you finish your project, we look forward to its debut!

Tags: #movies, #local, #small business