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Two Rad Facts + SuperRad T-Shirt Facts

By: Jerry,

about 9 years

Rad Fact: Bull sharks, otherwise known as the shark most likely to attack humans, have been found as far as 2500 miles up freshwater rivers. One was found in the Mississippi River in the St. Louis harbor.

SuperRad T-Shirt Fact: Bull sharks hate t-shirts. Scientists have never observed a single specimen wearing one, and it is speculated that a swimmer was attacked in Daytona Beach, FL in 1981 simply because he was wearing an ABBA t-shirt. It is also postulated that bull sharks, like the rest of nature, simply hate ABBA.

bull sharks hate t-shirts

Rad Fact: Fred Rogers of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood was one of the key witnesses in the 1979 Supreme Court ruling that paved the way for home video recording, testifying that he liked the thought of families recording his show to watch together at a later date.

SuperRad T-Shirt Fact: If by chance you were to sneak a peak under Fred’s trademark red cardigan, you would find a t-shirt printed to look like a red cardigan. It was a little sweatier than the real one.

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