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How to Order a Shirt: Part 5/99 - Shirts With Super Powers Part 1 (Give Me Cotton or Give Me Death!)

By: Nate,

about 3 years

I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me cotton, or give me death!

In Part Three of this series, What’s in a t-shirt?, I alluded to my irrational fear of wearing polyester. Today, I will give you some options that will calm even the most aerophobic and pyrophobic readers.

Whenever I fly, I go for three things: Exit row, window seat, and all cotton garments. These each have their reasons.

  1. I am 6’7”. The exit rows have more leg room. You can usually upgrade to the exit row for free at the gate if you get there early enough.
  2. If there is a crash, and you have the window seat, you are the first out of the plane and aren’t depending on someone else to open the door.
  3. Cotton garments are breathable, comfortable, and will not spontaneously combust. When polyester burns, it melts. When that happens, how do you think it would feel on your skin? Sure, plane crashes are rare. Maybe you don’t need to worry about cotton on a plane. What about other situations where you are exposed to extreme heat? Welding? Engine Work? Volcano exploration?

Regular cotton is just fine for most situations where you don’t want your skin melted off. For extreme situations we offer Bulwark and Carhartt brand fire resistant gear. It’s still cotton. On top of the cotton or within the fabric are various chemicals that make the garment even more fire resistant to give you extra protection.

Some hazardous environments that require you wear fire resistant clothing include: people exposed to electric arc (electricians and electric utilities), flash fire (petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries), or combustible dust (paper industry, food process, paint). There are plenty of other situations that make fire resistant a good idea such as welding, racing, and maintenance. Basically, if you are in a situation where you might be exposed to sparks, electric arc, high temperatures, or open flame, you can’t go wrong by getting Fire Resistant clothing.

Here you have a few products that will help you stand the heat. Contact us to get protected today! In our next blog, we will explore the easiest way to get tee's, our Online Design Studio.

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