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By: Rachel T,

over 2 years

So how does Ann Arbor Tees make sure that shirts get where they need to be, when they need to be there? Especially for groups like Sesame Street Live with various shipping locations. Traveling entertainment groups like Sesame Street Live have a unique t-shirt ordering situation. They need their orders shipped to many locations for each of their shows while on tour. Each show is on a different day, in a different city. We time the shipping so the shirts arrive in the right city on exactly the right day. That’s gotta be impossible, right?

Meet Oliver, our Receiving Lead. He lives and breathes shipping, especially shipping t-shirts.

Oliver being too focused on counting shirts to look at the camera.
“The receiving department serves as the entry point for all incoming garments,” Oliver explains. “We RECEIVE the boxes from the trucks. We organize them and then prepare them for whichever decoration method they need. We also ship everything that needs to ship, whether it is through UPS, USPS, FedEx or freight trucks.”


The receiving team has a few tricks up their sleeve to decide the best shipping method for your order.

Shipping costs depend on how many boxes are in the order and where the boxes are going. The further away the order needs to ship, the more expensive it will be. Their shipping program gives them a cost when they print out the shipping labels. “For small orders (less than ~50 shirts), USPS is cheaper. For larger orders, UPS is more cost-effective. For huge orders, we will put the boxes on a pallet and ship it through a freight company. For orders with hard deadlines like Sesame Street Live shows, we go through UPS. UPS has a guaranteed delivery date." Thanks for sharing your shipping wisdom, Oliver!

Check out what Sesame Street Live thought of their Ann Arbor Tees experience

The cast of Sesame Street Live showing off their new apparel from Ann Arbor Tees
“We continue to use Ann Arbor T-Shirt Company when it comes time to order apparel for Sesame Street Live and have for years now. We purchase apparel for our staff and performers for shows. We had a unique issue of actually getting the apparel to us while on tour and Ann Arbor Tees handled shipping to several locations with ease. I would highly recommend the accommodating sales staff.”

Jenna Lorson

Signed, Sealed, Delivered - We're Yours!

Whatever your shipping predicament may be, Ann Arbor Tees can handle it! We’d love to hear from you. Contact someone on our team by clicking the "Request Pricing" button below to ask about shipping, discuss a quote, or just to talk about t-shirts!

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